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Authentia Fine Foods is an independent food and drinks supplier, providing the best Mediterranean and the middle east has to offer to the United Kingdom and beyond. Our company was founded through our passion for quality food and our frequent discussions on how we could contribute to our ancestral culinary dishes being shared worldwide. 

It was with the above in mind, that Authentia Fine Foods was born as a concept and grew to the loved company it has become today, thanks to our many fans. Our team consisting of Kostas, Amir, Atabak and Vicky encompass a variety of skills and qualities, which when brought together to the table showcase our true excellence. 

As one of the UK’s leading supplies and distributors of top quality Greek produce, Authentia  Fine Foods closely work with a network of small and independent producers to bring you the very best of Greek’s fine foods, wines, fresh meat, and bakery items as well as alcohol and unique Greek beers. Our longstanding strong relationships with small producers allow us to showcase the real, authentic tastes and flavours of Greece.

Learn more about our Wholesale and Online ordering options below and do not hesitate to contact us for more information at info@AuthentiaFineFoods.co.uk!

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Our customers are our main focus and top priority, ensuring that quality service and produce is provided as standard. The products offered to our partners are sourced directly from local producers in the Mediterranean, bringing their authentic taste to a larger audience in the UK.

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This is why so many restaurants, supermarkets, delis, shops, online retailers, and food stalls trust us. They rely on Authentia Fine Foods to deliver their produce, freshly to their doorstep for them to serve their customers, knowing well that they will receive the finest quality of products available. 

Have a look at our Wholesale options on our dedicated page, download our brochure to explore our options, and contact Vicky at info@AuthentiaFineFoods.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

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The culinary tradition of the Mediterranean has always been an important reference to all who live or visit. We are proud to be a reseller of some of the best brands in Greece but also be able to offer some of our own produce as well as items from smaller, independent suppliers. 

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Easily and quickly search for your favourite Greek products, groceries, and delicacies. We have created a unique shop to accelerate users’ experiences in finding a range of products from fresh meats, Greek olive oil to seasonings, and spices. Browse our range of products at home directly via your comfort. and relax as you anticipate your Greek delicacies 

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